Social Media is plain and simple

Simplicity is the path to success in corporate social media. Over complicating social media will just make everything complex and cause confusion. Brands can self-assess their social media practice through 3 Cs:

1) Clarity
2) Consistency
3) Creativity

People are savvier than ever and they expect brands to communicate with them honestly. There is no room for hiding in Social Media; people appreciate transparency and authenticity. Some may argue that Social Media management on corporate level is complex; but complexity doesn’t mean authenticity and transparency should be forgotten. The moment brands forget about the significant impact of authenticity in persuasion and leadership, they may lose trust of their customers; simply because when they marketed to them they promised good things.

Social Media simplicity Success Community Management Content Strategy Twitter Facebook Blogger OutreachThe moment of truth is when a customer asks a brand a question; it all depends on how genuinely the brand answers that question. People want to be respected and appreciated truthfully; pretending that can work against a brand. So make sure all your brand communications across all channels, especially Social Media, are clear. Speak with one voice and ensure consistency in your messages.

When you ensure clarity and consistency, your success in what you are doing as a business is almost guaranteed, you just need to commit relevant resources and constantly deliver against what you promised your customers. Commitment is the force behind your success; any short-cuts without careful assessment may harm your brand reputation.

Social Media is about people, about your audience; Social Media is not about buzz words. Actions speak louder than words. Yes, even in Social Media. So it is not about your number of followers on Twitter or number of Likes on your Facebook page; it is about showing your brand’s human side and let your customers know that you care about them. Yes, Social Media is that simple; Social Media is in fact plain and simple – anyone can do it!

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