Engage to promote your best content

The nature of marketing communication has changed and is changing; thanks to savvier audience and the advancement in technology. Brands and agencies have been trying to change behaviour and maximise revenue through creating needs; while attracting attention through advertising and certain PR techniques. Social media and mobile are now challenging the traditional techniques to some extent.

Luckily we’re living in a world where finding information is very easy; we can follow the news on Twitter and follow thought leaders; while keeping up to date with stuff interest us on Instagram. Social media changed everything for businesses around the world and analytics software businesses such Socialbakers made it their business to provide insights for brands to make sensible decisions using social media; would it be for CSR, PR, customer service or marketing.

Socialbakers invited some of the world’s leading brands to speak in Engage London 2014; a conference described as ‘for social marketers delivered by social marketers’.

Socialbakers, Engage 2014, Engage London, Engage2014

Engage2014, Engage London 2014, Socialbakers, social media, social business, Twitter

What truly differentiates Engage 2014 is the emphasis on ‘insights’ into what makes successful social marketing and the importance of ‘social data’. This conference is the place where doers and strategic thinkers will get together to engage and share wisdom; because they know engaging the right people always help you promoting your best content.


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