How to implement SEO on a budget

Many businesses have invested a lot of time and money in SEO; because they of course realise the benefits and impact it has on their business. SEO is not a complicated exercise; only if businesses play by the rules of search engines to begin with. However it is important to remember there’s more to SEO than the technology itself; and that is people. According to Jo Turnbull, an international SEO Consultant and founder of Search London (one of the most successful communities of SEO leaders in London), any business with any budget can do SEO. Jo believes businesses can implement SEO successfully and on budget through building relationships with people; while maximising their offline effort and certainly creating timely content. Jörgen Sundberg, CEO of Link Humans and founder of Social Media London, also is a believer of relationship building and adding value to your targeted community.

Jörgen always recommends his clients and friends create content that is not time-bound. This simple but effective advice helps content marketing and SEO people to stay in the forefront of minds. At the first glance it all seems common sense but, regular algorithm updates by major search engines, such as Google Panda Update, indicates otherwise. By far, many businesses put all their eggs on the gaming up the technology basket and nothing on the customer relationship building basket; what modern SEO seems to be all about.

Businesses may wish to start thinking more as humans and acknowledge the impact people have on their online presence and ranking on search engines. Consequently, it may be fair to say, SEO has one or two things to do with word of mouth; and it is not just about the tech but also about personality and attitude. Just to put this in context and prove the fact that SEO is powerful only with human touch; it is worth spending few minutes going through ‘how to implement SEO on a budget’ presentation:


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