Few facts about social media

LinkedIn stopped supporting hashtags on its platform about 3 months ago but, many people are still including hashtags in their LinkedIn updates. I first spoke about this in an event in Denmark back in July and then in a conversation with the CEO of Havas Media, Paul Frampton; who has influence over all aspects of media planning in the UK. I certainly enjoy our conversations about data, social media and DOOH.

Surprisingly, those in senior social media positions and user experience profession are those who still include hashtags in their LinkedIn updates. This indicates how far away these individuals who are representing brands and agencies are from being relevant and meaningful in their communications.

On a separate note, but quite relevant to the conversation, there are baby boomers on Twitter and LinkedIn calling themselves ‘digital native’; without actually knowing what digital native means. These digital media professionals also confuse the concept of native advertising and often use the term in a very wrong context.

digital native

By listening to conversations on social media and in related industry events you’ll surprise yourself to learn, many believe native advertising is the same as social media advertising; something Jan Rezab of Socialbakers nicely touched in one of his tweets recently.

Native Advertising

Isn’t really about the time to get back to basics and communicate in plain English?


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