10 Smarter Steps for Crisis Communications Management

The future is all about shared experience.Brands are under an increased pressure for total transparency by both their customers and the media. The entire decision making process is changing or in fact it has changed due to the power of social media.

Social Media_MeltwaterMeltwater, a Norwegian media intelligence business, believes there is no space to hide in the world of social media and brands should use media intelligence to gather outside insight; in order to remain in control of their reputation.

Heidi Myers, head of marketing for Meltwater said in her presentation about crisis management at Social Media Week in London on 16 September 2015 that smarter crisis communications plan includes crisis management plan on social media.

Media Intelligence_Meltwater

Media intelligence can serve brands well any day of the week but during a crisis it is indispensable in particular on social media; the virtual world that is being used for everything both by brands and their audience. As a result, any friction can spark a crisis in this virtual world with real and costly effects. However Heidi of Meltwater shared her opinion upon crisis management “people have short attention span” and “you can walk away from unproductive conversations”.

Meltwater has a 10 step guide to a smarter crisis management communications:







As brands are often the first who know crisis is building; they therefor should be the first to respond and assure their audience that the right set of actions will be taken. Maybe the TART framework can be used as a guide.

Last but not least, bands must be beware of conversations that don’t allow critique or dissenting voices; therefore they must always listen and genuinely show authenticity in all aspects of their communications. There is no way to get rid of the digital breadcrumbs.


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